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Twitter, Facebook, and Other Social Programs Guide

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Learn to use Twitter, Facebook, and other Social Programs!


Click Here for our Basic Twitter Instructions - Setting up, composing your tweets, running Twitter from your SmartPhone, images, complete Glossary, etc. {big file}

See All About Twitter on Wikipedia

Video - Anson Alexander Youtube - Introduction to Twitter Part 1:

Basics. Signing up, Composing Tweets, Hashtags, Re-tweets

Video - Anson Alexander Youtube - Introduction to Twitter Part 2:

More advanced Twitter operations like @mention, etc.


PLEASE NOTE: the Director of Health and Human Services, Director of the RACHC, has assigned this site's Admin to create our Member's Facebook pages at no cost to the Member and integrate it with the central website. Once completed, administration of the FB page can be turned over to the Member. Contact Lauren or Edwina with any questions.

Click here to Learn to set up a Facebook Business or Institutional Social Page in 5 easy Steps!

Here's the Facebook Video Tutorial mentioned above

Create your Facebook pages here:

How to Analyze Facebook Insights to Improve Your Content Strategy

Set up your business or private institution page on FaceBook - Advanced

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