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Ambercare elevates the standard by which healthcare and patient assistance in the home is delivered.

Today, the state of healthcare is of concern to more Americans than ever. We are living longer, and when, or if we get sick or hurt, we are not being cared for in a hospital setting to the extent that was standard in the not-so-distant past. That’s the good news, and the bad news. It means the need for high quality professional care administered “in the home” is at an all time high, and will continue to grow. In fact, there is a greater than 85% chance that someone in your family, if not yourself, will need home care of some kind in your lifetime. Careful, compasionate, professional and comprehensive care under yours or your loved one’s own roof.

That’s Ambercare’s calling. We provide a full spectrum of homecare services and hospice with complete support in home-delivered therapies and necessary medical supplies and equipment.


Through teamwork, communication, and training, Ambercare will continue to provide the most compassionate care, meeting the highest standards of quality for individuals and their families in the comfort of their own homes.

An overview of all Ambercare Services

Become an Ambercare Hospice Volunteer

Ambercare elevates the standard of healthcare and patient assistance in the home.

Ambercare is looking for exceptional people with a tremendous capacity for caring to offer their services as a hospice volunteer. Hospice volunteers invariably say that this experience changes them. They learn to communicate in ways that increase their own appreciation of life, and their approach to daily living takes on a more holistic perspective. They gain a great deal of inner knowledge and are rewarded with personal satisfaction. If you would like to make a difference in someone's life, please click here to contact your local volunteer coordinator and find out how you can change a life.

Ambercare elevates the standard of healthcare and patient assistance in the home.


Ambercare is unique. Founded by Michael and Mary Merrell over 15 years ago, Ambercare is now employee-owned, so every patient is cared for by an owner. That is only one reason why the “Ambercare Standard of Care” is far superior to other home care providers.


Ambercare provides a full range of care and services including: home health care, hospice, personal care services, physical, occupational and respiratory therapy, and medical equipment & supplies to best meet the needs of patients and their families.


Because we embrace a holistic model of care delivery, patients can count on fully coordinated services with a single call. Our “bridge” model is designed to provide maximum flexibility to accommodate the shifting needs our patients may incur.


Currently Ambercare serves many communities in New Mexico from Las Cruces to Las Vegas. Because nobody deserves less than Ambercare, when the need arises we will offer our services to additional communities, but only at a place that will never compromise our highest standards of care and service.

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