2012 update of the Rio Arriba Community Health Profile Report

  • 2012 update of the Rio Arriba Community Health Profile Report

2012 update of the Rio Arriba Community Health Profile Report

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The 2012 Rio Arriba Community Health Profile Report


The following document is an update of the Rio Arriba Community Health Profile, completed in April, 2004. This update has been developed under the auspices of the Rio Arriba Community Health Council (RACHC) with support provided by the Rio Arriba County Health and Human Services Department (HHSD).

The 2008 update of the profile will serve as both a compendium, of information related to the current health status of Rio Arriba’s residents and as the basis for
developing plans and strategies to address health care issues within the County in a subsequent update of its current Health Improvement Plan.

The mission of the Human Services Department, and of the RACHC, is to mobilize resources needed to meet the health, education and social welfare needs of Rio Arriba County. In carrying out this charge, the RACHC assists, informs and advises the Board of County Commissioners and the HHSD. In function, the RACHC is responsible for:

1. Planning and coordination
2. Policy development and advocacy
3. Resource development and allocation
4. Public education and participation

The 2004 profile indicated the need for response to several health care issues. These included substance abuse, access to care, and childhood obesity. Health care planning activities have focused on those issues since the last profile update. The 2008 profile update identified the
following priority areas (in order of perceived importance):

1. Substance Abuse
• Pregnant Women

2. Access to Care
• Transportation
• Access to affordable insurance
• Routine care
• Youth access to services

3. Family Health
• Parenting
• Elder/senior health
• Trauma
4. Community Health
5. Obesity
• Recreational and nutritional information
• Food availability

6. Leading Causes of Death
• Heart disease, diabetes, cancer, hypertension

7. Infectious Diseases
• Influenza
• Further study of pertussis and tuberculosis
• Prevention programs targeting IV drug users
• Recreation
• Youth behavioral health
• Prevention services

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