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State: New Mexico
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Welcome to NCCBS in Chama New Mexico!

NCCBS is a 501 (c) (3) non profit organization that was established early in 1994. NCCBS is organized and operated for charitable, educational, and community social services, and in particular, to provide children, youth, and their families with a system of care incorporating mental health, and prevention services. It is governed by a committed Board of Directors which is representative of its diverse constituency. NCCBS is dedicated to the improvement of the health and social well being of inter-cultural communities.

NCCBS grew out of grass-roots efforts to address the needs in geographically isolated communities. The underlying premise for the establishment of the organization was that the integration of the region would galvanize resources and services that the demographics of any one of the communities could not justify or subsidize in terms of funding. Our particular emphasis has been on youth and youth empowerment to change the future positively for all northern New Mexico residents.

The central operating premise of NCCBS is that the local community must be empowered to identify local problems and participate actively in devising and implementing local solutions. This commitment is articulated in our by-laws and evidenced in both management theory and practice. NCCBS policy and procedures address the critical importance of culturally competent service provision. It is our belief that the surest way to achieve this objective is to train local community members to provide services whenever possible. This philosophy and practice requires a capacity-building approach and a transfer of relevant technologies.

NCCBS has completed several multi-year federal grants including several CSAP Partnership and Coalition grants, a Family Strengthening grant, an OJJDP grant to work on Asset building at the high schools in the region, a Department of Justice funded domestic violence prevention grant for all of Rio Arriba county, and a JUMP high school mentoring program funded by the Department of Justice.

NCCBS currently provides Life Skills, Across Ages mentoring programs, SYNAR, and alcohol environmental strategies through contracts with the New Mexico Department of Health, Behavioral Health Services Division. In addition, NCCBS is administering a Drug-Free Communities Grant to enhance coalition development.

Northern Rio Arriba Communities Health Coalition (NRACHC)

Mission Statement

Promoting the health and well-being of our communities by working collaboratively


The Northern Rio Arriba Communities Health Coalition was founded in 1990 in an effort to better coordinate health care services in the Chama Valley. In 1999, NRACHC expanded its service boundaries to include communities throughout Northern Rio Arriba County. NRACHC now serves over 30 rural communities including Dulce, Lumberton, Chama, Brazos, Los Ojos, Tierra Amarilla, Cebolla, Canjilon, Abiquiu, Canones, Youngsville, Coyote, Gallina, Lindrith, El Rito, Ojo Caliente, La Madera, Vallecitos, Tres Piedras and others. NRACHC boundaries span four school districts and comprise a large and scenic geographic area of Rio Arriba County.


The NRACHC is comprised of a diverse group of local organizations and individuals united by a common vision of promoting the health and well-being of our communities. NRACHC identifies and addresses local needs and issues through a collaborative community-based approach which includes open communication, networking and mutual support. In addition NRACHC plans and coordinates a broad range of community health services and activities.


Consistent with our mission statement, NRACHC has established two major priorities to assist in building healthy, strong, productive communities.

Alcohol & Drug Abuse Prevention
Obesity & Diabetes Prevention
Other priorities include:
Family & Youth Violence Prevention
Healthy Recreation Programs & Activities
Infant Mental Health Programs


NRACH members meet on a regular basis on the second Monday of the month at 11:30 am. Meeting locations rotate between Chama, Tierra Amarilla and Abiquiu. Special strategic planning meetings are held as deemed necessary by the membership.

Download PDF File for Diagnosing Your Coalition

Download PDF File of NCCBS Newsletter Fall 2010.pdf
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