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Here you can search for local services and resources in New Mexico related to:

Social services
Legal services
Community Centers/Recreation

My Community NM is for you:

seeking local service information for themselves or others
Service Providers seeking information to refer clients, patients, and students

What is the Salud Manual?

My Community NM proudly oversees the Salud Manual project. Everything that you'll find in this print directory comes from the My Community NM database. This represents one major way that My Community NM can be utilized to create print manuals.

The Salud Manual is a directory of health resources for the un/under-insured population in Bernalillo and Sandoval counties of New Mexico. Because we define health in a global sense, you will find resources that one may not typically think of as health such as:

Alternative/ Traditional Medicine
Domestic Violence & Child Abuse
Education, Advocacy & Support Groups(Health)
Elderly Care & Home Visitation Services
Food Banks & Clothing Assistance
Infectious Diseases
Mental Health, Addictions & Recovery
Prescription Medication
Primary Care(General)
Primary Care for Children (birth-18 years)
Women's Health, Prenatal Care & Family planning

Download the SALUD MANUAL (English)
Download the SALUD MANUAL (Spanish)


My Community NM is the State's only bilingual, on-line resource directory. The project, which began in 2002, has been developed through an ongoing partnership with community leaders from La Comunidad Habla. La Comunidad Habla was recently featured in an important research paper sponsored by the Federal Communication Commission—Broadband Adoption In Low-Income Communities. Unlike most other resource directories that focus on particular populations and specific service needs, My NM includes health, social service, legal, transportation, recreation, and advocacy resources for all high-risk populations. We are a collaborative project that is supported by a growing list of community partners who are passionate about providing up to date resource information to their constituencies.

Partners can use the My Community NM database to prepare print manuals. For instance the 2008 version of the Salud Manual includes resources for Bernalillo and Sandoval Counties; 6000 copies of the manual were sold-out in six months.
Our Mission

Our mission is to provide New Mexicans with a comprehensive, partner-based, up-to-date, cost-effective, online and print inventory of community resources and information, in order to:

Improve awareness and accessibility of existing services
Build knowledge and advocacy skills
Facilitate referrals, networking, and collaboration
Document service barriers and gaps


Southwest Creations Collaborative (SCC) created the first print version of the Salud Manual in 2002. In 2004, SCC began to put the information collected for the Manual into an online resource system developed by Sandoval County Community Health Alliance. In 2006, community leaders of a health communication project out of the University of New Mexico Hospital's Young Children's Health Center, created the consumer-friendly Salud Manual website and began offering workshops that combined computer skills with health advocacy skills. The Bernalillo County Community Health Council joined as a principal partner in 2007 and helped to develop the first version of My Community NM—the New Mexico Resources Inventory (first online in 2008).

For more information, please email or call Sara Nelson at 505-697-1331; or contact Leigh Caswell with the Bernalillo County Community Health Council at
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