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Guidelines for Reserving Health Commons Conference Rooms

You can open the Request Form online, fill it out right there then print it to your local printer. You may also open and print the Guidelines online (attached to the Request Form file). Just Sign and Fax it in! Call or walk it in. Or just put it in the mail. Long Range Reservations accepted.

The RACHC Commons Conference Room Request Form and Guidelines.

Download the Request Form and Guidelines Here


You can also read the Guidelines listed below, first.

When approved you will find your Commons listing on our calendar at

Now you can reserve your Rooms at the Commons weeks and months ahead!


The meeting space at the Rio Arriba Health Commons is available for use by, in order of priority:
1. Staff and other representatives of the organizations in tenancy at the Health Commons
(e.g. NM Department of Health-Public Health; El Centro Family Health and the Rio Arriba County Health and Human Services Department).
2. Organizations associated with Rio Arriba Health Common tenants, such as departments or divisions of Rio Arriba County, satellite offices of El Centro Family Health, etc.
3. The public, provided that there is a Rio Arriba Health Commons staff person who is directly involved and/or participating in the organization’s request of the space. This staff person will need to be the primary contact responsible to submit the Room Reservation Request Form. Representatives of the organizations are the Priority User Groups identified above. The individual who requests the use, the Requester, must agree to be the responsible person for the request, and must abide by the terms and conditions in these Guidelines.


Meeting space is available on Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m.- 5:00 p.m. Special arrangements are required if set up or use of the space is needed before or after these days and hours, and the request is subject to approval by Rio Arriba County. There are no fees involved in order to reserve a room. Under special circumstances, the priority user groups reserve the right to use a meeting room that supersedes an existing reservation. In this case, every effort will be made to notify the requester of this circumstance.

Reservations can be made and approved on a first-come, first-serve availability. A reservation can be submitted in-person, or by phone, by email or Fax. Reservations by phone are subject to the availability of staff. The Request Form will allow you to fill in your criteria by hand, or from the Internet where you can fill out and print it Online. It is available from the Home page of

By FAX: After completing the Request Form online, print it out, sign, and fax it to Edwina Romero at 505-753-1769 (Fax). (Fastest)

By PHONE: Complete and print the Request Form & Guidelines online, from the Home Page or Resources section of
You can also download the form & fill it out by hand. Call the completed information in to Edwina Romero at 505-753-3143

BY EMAIL: Download, complete, and print the Request Form, or simply fill it out online and print.
Make a PDF of your signed copy and email it to Edwina Romero at:
Please Note: The Request Form is interactive and can be printed, saved, opened and changed again, for future use.

It is strongly advised that a reservation request be submitted as far in advance as possible, as space is limited and there are a number of standing meetings that occur in the facility. PLEASE NOTE: Unless the meeting/workshop is for multiple dates, a separate
Request Form is required for EACH meeting.

Beginning March 11, 2011 at 8:00a.m. all use of the Conference Rooms and B104 Consult Room will be made through a reservation system. Reservations can be made by completing a Room Reservation Request Form. The requestor is required to complete and submit this Form. If the information on the Form is incomplete/illegible, the request will be denied. The Form is available on the Rio Arriba Community Health Council website,, as listed above, and in the physical office of the Rio Arriba County Health and Human Services Department.
Please allow a minimum of two (2) business days to receive a Confirmation and approval of a room request.

It is the responsibility of the requestor to clearly specify the furniture set up for the rooms being requested. Furniture set up needs advance planning, and Rio Arriba County cannot guarantee timely set up if the request is not received in sufficient time. The requesting organization is responsible for providing any materials and supplies needed for the meeting. The requestor is required to clean up all unused materials and supplies immediately following the use of the room and to notify Rio Arriba County Health and Human Services Department of accidents, such damage to furniture, spills, etc. A separate request is needed to reserve/use any available Health Commons audio-visual equipment.

Occupant capacity per room set up: Maximum number of people
• Meeting Room A or B: Chairs only, circle/oval 18-20
• Meeting Room A or B: Chairs only/theatre style 20-24
• Meeting Room A or B: Chairs & tables- classroom style 12-15
• Meeting Room A or B: Chairs & tables-rectangle 15
• Meeting Rooms A&B: Chairs only-circle/oval 36-40
• Meeting Rooms A&B Chairs only/theatre style 40-45
• Meeting Rooms A&B Chairs & tables-classroom style 24-30
• Meeting Rooms A&B Chairs & tables-rectangle 22
• B104 Consult Room 4

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