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La Clinica de Pueblo de Rio Arriba

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City: Tierra Amarilla
State: New Mexico
Phone: (575)-588-7252
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La Clinica del Pueblo de Rio Arriba is a community health center located in northern New Mexico, serving a community rich in culture and heritage, but poor in resources and jobs. In its belief that health care is a right, not a privilege, La Clinica del Pueblo provides quality, yet affordable health care in a culturally sensitive manner. No patient will be denied services due to inability to pay for those services.

Counseling services are provided through La Clinica del Pueblo. These are services for children, youth and families who are experiencing difficulties with anxiety, depression, stress, and family problems.

Holidays can be especially difficult times for individuals and families. We have expectations that family gatherings are going to go a certain way because we are going to be together for the holidays. It is often disappointing when we revert to our old behaviors and the disappointments set in.

Stress around the holidays is well known. We can learn to cope with it positively, or not. It is better when we can cope with stress in a positive manner as it is a normal part of our everyday life. Sometimes stress can motivate us to setting new goals for the New Year.

If you have problems around the sometimes stressful holidays, you can reach out for help. Don't let the stress of upcoming events get you down. It is okay to talk to a professional about what stress is doing to you in your life.

Dr. Richard Barendsen, Adult/child Psychiatry

To see a Behavioral Health Provider, please call 588-9506. We promise to see you as soon as we can. If it is an emergency, and you think you could hurt yourself, we will see you right away.
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