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Address: 312 Paseo de Onate
City: Española
State: New Mexico
Phone: 505-747-3006
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Espanola Community Market grows great food

The Espanola Community Market is

a cooperative food market and grocery store.

Incredible Food Recipes for all occasions and seasons!

Wednesday - 4:00 pm- 7:00 pm
Saturday - 10:00 am - 1:00 pm
312 Paseo de Onate, Espanola

What does that mean?

Membership driveIt means that although we are a for-profit retail business, everyone who is a member is also an owner who is invested in the store. An important point is that cooperatives are possible because they are 'group financed', meaning that each membership helps to finance the store. Without the memberships, it would be impossible for the store to start up.

Another good thing about becoming a member is that you have a say in how the store is run and you share in the profits.

How do you run the store as a group?

Cooperatives are representative democracies. When we have elections, members vote and elect a board of directors from among the membership. This gives each membership household an equal say in major decisions about the store.

Members elect the board of directors, who serve a fixed term. At the end of the fiscal year, the profits are divided up among the members and split. This is called a patronage dividend.

Why do we need another grocery store in town?

Coop Food GardeningThe Espanola Community Market is not just a grocery store. It is a community project that collaborates with local food producers, farmers and ranchers, to feature the best foods that northern New Mexico has to offer.

We want to help keep alive the agricultural traditions of northern New Mexico by creating an outlet for them right here in the Espanola Valley. Currently, most of the products made here are taken outside the area to be sold. To get our own neighbor's produce in a store, we have to go to Santa Fe or Los Alamos.

Here are some of the products and services that are available:

• Locally grown produce, dairy and meat
• Foods and other goods in bulk (beans, grains, spices, herbs etc.)
• Vitamin supplements, herbal and beauty products (emphasis on locally produced)
• A community meeting place and bulletin board
• Workshops on local sustainable living and health

Shop at the Coop and Support Your Local Farmers!


Ready to get baking for Thanksgiving?
Have we got what you need! Organic frozen pie crusts, organic vanilla extract, organic canned pumpkin, local honey, organic sugar, bulk flours, organic milk & sour cream. What more would you want?

LOCO boxes will not be available this Saturday (11/17) and next week (11/24). We will be open Wednesday, November 21st for your last minute Thanksgiving needs.

What's Yummy at the Store?

Brussel Sprouts - $3.29 lb.

Local Vendors
If you would like to sell your food or health items at the Market please stop by to fill out a Vendors form.

How do I get involved?
1. The best way to support the market is to become a member. Remember, cooperatives are owned, and funded through membership! To join, click here:

2. Have a passion for organizing, and want this market to happen sooner? Then come to a volunteer meeting. Check out the home page to find out when and where out next meeting will be happening. (They are posted on the home page regularly.)

3. Another good way to help is to help us contact local food vendors for the market. You can do this by joining the Online Market committee.
4. Finally, you can help us find new members and plan events through the Membership and Fundraising Committee.


Wednesday - 4:00 pm- 7:00 pm
Saturday - 10:00 am - 1:00 pm
312 Paseo de Onate, Espanola

New products for the fall holiday season!

We now carry:

Unsweetened almond milk
Wasabi peas
Dates and dried mangos(restocked)
Crunchy Almond butter
Tamari pumpkin seeds
Three different kind of cookies! Chocolate chunk,Cranberry Orange, and Lemon Burst (gluten free)
Fig Newmans
Whole wheat tortillas
Hot salsa
Bragg Liquid Aminos
* Parchment paper for your holiday baking( use like waxed paper)
Recycled paper napkins
* vanilla extract (no alcohol)
* cinnamon sticks
* baking powder
* ready to bake pie crusts
* graham cracker pie shells
* canned pumpkin
* bread crumbs
* cornbread muffin mix
* quick to make stuffing
* cocoa powder
* hot chocolate mix
* all natural vanilla ice cream to go with your pie!

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Espanola Community Market grows great food

Espanola Community Market grows great food

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